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The Impact Of Cloud Computing On The E-Commerce Industry

The Impact Of Cloud Computing On The E-Commerce Industry

E-commerce has taken online businesses by storm. It’s allowed small businesses to grow through the power of the internet while helping big enterprises to scale globally. However, there have been many problems e-commerce businesses of all shapes and sizes had to face their applications using traditional methods. Some of them are:

  • Downtime
  • No flexibility
  • High CAPEX
  • Security issues

How Does Cloud Computing Help E-Commerce?

Cloud computing is a way of virtually providing IT services over the internet. It has revolutionized the Internet world and the world of business.

By using Cloud computing in e-commerce applications, businesses can overcome issues such as:

  • Auto scalability
  • Remarkable Cost savings
  • Increased Speed and Responsiveness
  • Increased Security
  • Easier management
  • High availability, flexibility, and efficiency
 Cloud Computing Help E-Commerce

Analysts predict that 80% of e-commerce industries are likely to migrate to the cloud in the next ten years for computing and storage. E-commerce businesses have automated the manual process of ordering, inventory, shipping, and merchandising. by integrating the cloud.

A cloud-based e-commerce platform is capable of handling scalability challenges and fuels global expansion.

Integration of Cloud Computing and E-Commerce

Integration of technology with e-commerce increases revenue and boosts customer service. Renting the hardware and software rather than purchasing them enables cost savings.

Integration of Cloud Computing and E-Commerce

Cloud storage and computing are accelerating the e-commerce revolution.

For instance, the development of e-commerce, integrated with cloud computing increases consumer trust. Consumer trust is related to the integrity and security of the payment system. Cloud computing has created a service ecosystem. It integrates e-commerce resources and facilitates the new service modes.

Top 7 Benefits of Cloud Computing to E-commerce

E-commerce companies are availing various benefits by taking different services of cloud computing.

Strong Security

Cloud computing providers ensure complete data protection. They provide data encryption and various types of security audits to prove their worth to customers. Implementation of security measures at the application, facility, and network. Cloud infrastructure complies with firewalls. A firewall protects applications hosted in the cloud from malicious traffic.

Benefits of Cloud Computing to E-commerce
Customer Experience

Cloud technology provides seamless experiences to the customers.


Using Cloud Computing, customer queries are solved by executing live chats. This can deliver high levels of customer satisfaction.

Personalized Service Experience

It personalizes the service experience for a customer by remembering the user interaction history. It can interact with the customers even after a device change.

Speed and Responsiveness

As per a survey, 40% of customers prefer web pages whose loading time is more than 3 seconds. Cloud technology provides higher bandwidth and computational power. Applications live on the cloud computing server are five times faster than normal servers. The cloud technology offers instant storing and data managing solutions in e-commerce platforms

Large Saving

Cloud computing is very cost-effective. Cloud servers can help companies save up to 80% of expenditure. The cloud system has eliminated capital investments. It also reduced maintenance and storage costs.

Organizational Improvement

The internal organizational process has improved by the use of cloud computing in many ways. Some of them are:

  • By regulation of backend processes
  • More focus on core competencies
  • Enhancement of product development and service quality.
E-Commerce Go For Cloud Computing

Should E-Commerce Go For Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a powerful solution that is useful for e-commerce. If you are own an e-commerce business, cloud computing can come in handy for you.

Whether you are a small business interested in growth, or a big enterprise ready to scale internationally, cloud computing is something worth considering to improve your customers’ satisfaction, make your business secure, and automate processes.

The growth in cloud computing will result in the movement of more e-commerce communities on cloud networks.